Origins: Heritage of First Nations

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About Border Crossings

In response to the contemporary globalised world, Border Crossings works through theatre to create a cultural space in which people come together as equals for creativity and dialogue. The company works across the borders between cultures and art forms, and between nations and peoples. Since 1995, Border Crossings has created productions in collaboration with artists from many backgrounds, examining issues of cultural diversity and globalisation with a strong focus on what these important issues mean for people living in the UK today.

Every Border Crossings project is accompanied by an innovative and high-quality programme of Participation and Learning.  This aspect of Border Crossings’ work is important to the organisation’s social and political impact in the broadest sense, and has engaged directly with a broad range of communities; for example LGBT people from Asian backgrounds, and the refugee communities in the South-West.  There is an emphasis on youth and on minority communities, with the aim of involving more people in theatre and the debates which it engenders, developing a broad and diverse future audience.

Our work opens people’s eyes to other people’s views and experiences. It challenges stereotypes and provides a platform for discussing difficult subjects thus promoting social inclusion, equality and tolerance through creativity and innovation. Our work is a tangible platform of discovery about ourselves and about others.



Artistic Director: Michael Walling. 

Associate Director (Community Engagement, Participation and Learning): Lucy Dunkerley

Heritage Project Managers: Marine Begault, Gabrielle Lobb, Joel Chalfen




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